Email and Webhosting with a World of Darkness slant

I have taken to providing POP accounts for the jyhad.net domain for a minimal fee on an annual basis. Generally these have all gone to members of the Camarilla who have requested them. At present, the accounts are $20 annually for a POP3 account with a web interface. The Web Interface should not be used as the sole means of accessing the account, however, due to limited storage space for mail. Payment is accepted through either check, cash, or PayPal with PayPal being the preferred method of payment.

If you would like an account, please fill out the form below. Note, however, that no account will be activated before payment is received.

All payments of cash or check should be sent to the following address:

Clint Hauser
1224-C Hamilton Court
Cary, NC 27511

All checks should be made out to 'Dewitt Hauser.'

All PayPal payments should be directed to 'stranger@strangeland.net' for fulfillment.

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Preferred Domain Name (username@domain.net): Jyhad.net
Payment Method: Cash
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